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10 hotels and businesses with mascot characters will describe the charm and attractions of Kobe on Twitter. This project is for the purpose of beckoning you to come to Kobe and stay over in Kobe.

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Koborebanashi (A Snippet story) Time Traveler

10 Men Who Disappeared

10 students who came to Kobe for their graduation trip disappeared. In the year 202X, students from Tokyo Keiwa University came to visit Kobe for their graduation trip. All 10 were members of the cosplay club and were from Kobe. Separately from the female members who chose to stay in Osaka, they stayed in Kobe in order to participate in the World Cosplay Cup held at Kobe Meriken Park. They booked to stay at the “Kobe Globe Hotel” online however, it was a hotel that was said to be first built when the port of Kobe was opened and it was a mysterious hotel that did not exist and no information of it remained.

“Is this the hotel?”
“It was cheap on the internet.
If you take a look,
it’s western style and kind of trendy”
“Hey, there’s no one at the front desk”
“What’s this? Take your own keys”
“They could’ve had an Artificial
Intelligent robot or something”
“Work style reform?”

“I’m on the third floor”
“Wait! We should play for it,
paper scissors stone”
“There aren’t any other guests, here”
“Maybe because this place is old”
“We’ve already ate so let’s get to
bed early and get ready for tomorrow”

On the following day…
“The thunder yesterday was
something else”
“I hunkered down in my bed”
“Hey, could you see the ocean
from your window?”

The 10 young men had fallen victim to a trickery of time.

“Did we just time travel?”
“That’s ridiculous”
“Take a look outside!”
“There aren’t any buildings”
“I’ve got no lines on my phones”
“Take a look at this newspaper.
Meiji Year 40 (1907) !”
“It really seems like we time traveled”

“More that than,
what was the name of this town?”
“This is... Hey,
I can’t think of the name”
“I don’t know either.
The girls went to Osaka, didn’t they”
“That’s right and this is…”

At the same time they time traveled, they also lost the knowledge of Kobe and its name.

As the young men were
worrying about this,
a man who seemed to be
the manager appeared.

If you find something that is precious in this town, you will be able to return to your world

As he spoke this,
he disappeared leaving a single map.

“Who are you?”
“Hey, he disappeared!”
“Spooky. I thought he was a ghost”
“Now what”
“There are a lot of movies
where if you search for clues,
you can return to your own time
after you time travel”
“But that’s in the movies”
“There’s nothing else we can do”

“What’s this map? It says CAUBE”
“Isn’t this the hotel map?
There’re 10 hotels with
Globe Hotel in the center”
“That’s right.
We just happened to be 10 people,
why not divide up and go?”

“If anything happens,
let’s meet up here”
“OK, I’ll take this hotel”
“This hotel for me”

“Alright, why don’t
we go in costume?
The theme just happens to be
the Taisho Meiji era”
“Agreed. If we stand out,
the gods may get angry and
send us back to the present.”

The ten men dressed in their costumes and searched for clues to return to the present and headed to the hotels on the map.

At the hotels they went to,
the 10 men found things
that were deeply
related to history and returned to
the Globe Hotel.

“The hotel I went to had the grounds
where soccer was first played in Japan”
“The hotel I went to had the first shop
in Japan to make coffee and sweets”

“We learned about that in history class”
“The port city with mountains and the sea”
“The night scenery beautiful”
“Breads and cakes are delicious”

What could the CAUBE on this map be

“Maybe cube be”
“Maybe the name of this town”

“In the old style kana system,
it was read as kaube”
“Old style kana?”
“For example, you know like butterfly,
you read it as chocho but
write the characters as tefutefu.”
“Yes, I learned about it
in modern or classic Japanese”

“So that means, kaube is…”
“So it’s Kobe! This must be
Kobe 100 years ago!”

As everyone shouted “Kobe!” thunder sounded and they were transported back to the present.

“We did it! We’re back!”
“I see, so this place as Kobe…”

The 10 young men were return to the present by remembering the keyword, Kobe.

“It was like we were in a dream”
“No, that was no dream”
“Let’s make sure we don’t forget
about Kobe and its history.”
As they were saying this and
going down the hill,
they didn't notice
the Globe Hotel had vanished.

“Hey guys, don’t leave me behind”
“Sho, where were you”
“Just having some breakfast”
“Yep, that’s Sho for you” laughter

But then…
“Hey! One of us is missing!”
“What! One, two, three… nine”
“It’s Kiharu!”
“Kiharu went to Akashi and he’s missing”
“He must’ve been the only one
left behind in the past”
“At any rate, let’s go to Akashi”

However, they found no clues
and did not time travel again.

“Hey! Take a look
at this stone monument!”

It was written that ...
The name "Kiharu Midorioka"
was recorded among
the names of people who contributed
to the development
of the town of Akashi
in the early Showa period (1926 ~)

To be continued

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